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​Introduction of our company


I have been involved in the nursing care industry for about 10 years.

The nursing care industry continues to face various challenges. In particular, I believe that many people, not just nursing care providers, are aware of the recent shortage of human resources as a social problem.

When I thought about what I could do in this era of diversity, I realized that in this era of diversity, I could help people from overseas who have passion and hospitality and want to provide nursing care in Japan. I thought I might be able to do it.

Rather than simply working between nursing care facilities and foreign residents, what kind of human resources are needed in the actual workplace, and what are the workers looking for? We strive to grasp these latent needs and provide results that exceed expectations.


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Company Profile

Sakura Co., Ltd.

Sakura Co., Ltd.

Address: 5-4-12 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    Taiseikoki Building 4th floor

Representative Hidoro Nobutaka

Establishment date: January 7, 2022
Capital: 2,650,000 yen


Registration support organization22 Noboru-006981

Paid employment introduction 13-YU-315177

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