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Amazingly talented foreign caregivers

Sak Co., Ltd.ula


​We are

Through the support of foreign caregivers

Bringing change to the nursing care industry.

What is the essence of nursing care?

This means being close to the ``individuality'' of each resident and user.

However, such ``obviousness'' is no longer the norm.

Japan's nursing care industry is currently in need of a revamp of its image.

We are contributing to this transformation by providing hospitality to foreigners.

We believe that potential is essential.

Would you like to work with us to create the next generation of nursing care?


Sakula will support you as your company's dedicated representative in all matters related to the recruitment of foreign personnel.

We will thoroughly listen to your company's needs and streamline human resource recruitment and hiring.


As your company's human resources manager, I will identify the issues and

We will improve the number of inquiries and the quality of job seekers.

​Also, by thoroughly listening to your company's needs, we will eliminate as many mismatches as possible after hiring.


Rather than providing minimal support, we build solid relationships of trust and lead to staff retention.

In addition to providing minimum support from registered support organizations such as visa procedures and mandatory support, we also need to consider how to retain hired personnel. This is where the emphasis is placed.

​By entering into the company, we will identify issues and follow up for improvements.


We provide a unique educational curriculum.
Together, we will create a workplace where you want to work for a long time.

Sakura not only retains human resources after hiring, but also

We will help you create an environment where you can thrive..

Experts in each field will work for your company's specific skill staff.

We have a unique educational program.

​We also contribute to corporate branding.



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Everyone that Sakura supported.


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