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We will respond carefully and carefully.

​Registration support
​Visa application support
​Recommended for these people
​Recommended for these people
​Recommended for these people

The requirements for hiring personnel vary from company to company, but the people Sakura introduces are all people who are ready to work and who want to work as caregivers in Japan for a long time.

Sakula's criteria for selecting people is "Do you want to work with this person in nursing care?"

Because we have been in the industry for a long time,

We will connect you with human resources that exceed your expectations.

  • Experienced in nursing care and ready to help

  • I am used to Japanese culture because I live in Japan.

  • Providing new values

Sakura, which has permission from a registered support organization, fully supports the recruitment of specific skills personnel.

It's not just administrative support.

In order to communicate with foreign staff, we provide mental care through regular contact, meals, events, etc.

  • Managed by experienced staff

  • Approach to staff retention​

  • ​Interpretation and translation in your native language is also possible

When it comes to document creation and preparation for visa applications, we do not provide mechanical support, but instead guide you through efficient and painless procedures from an on-site perspective.

Complicated work can be outsourced,

In preparing documents for the applicant himself/herself

It can be done smoothly.

  • ​Visa document preparation support

  • Support in gathering necessary documents

  • Application agency as agent

other services

​Sales agency
advisory contract
Various training

I will use my experience, knowledge, and connections to support your company's customer development.

We have built relationships not only with nursing care facilities, but also with care worker training schools, so we can help with a wide range of issues, such as actively hiring graduates of training schools, and developing opportunities for training.We will also contribute to matching the needs of both parties.

  • Create a relationship value with the training school

  • Extracurricular class coordination​

  • ​Acceptance as training site

This support is recommended not only for companies that want to internalize support for foreigners, but also for facilities that want to seriously work on solving on-site issues.

We will work hard to identify issues from a third-party perspective, act as an intermediary for communication between the office and the field, and create an environment where we can share a vision and work together in a friendly manner.

  • ​Visa document preparation support

  • Support in gathering necessary documents

  • Application agency as agent

Specialists in each field create and implement training programs tailored to the needs of your facility.

We provide not only formal classes but also individualized instruction tailored to individual abilities and situations.

While maintaining motivation,

It will lead you to your desired goal.

  • ​ Nursing care techniques learned from failures

  • National exam preparation, qualification acquisition

  • Nursing care Japanese and technical guidance by foreign care workers​

  • ​Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation (N1-N3)

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